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Shipper: Cameron/Chase

Depois dos acontecimentos do ultimo episódio, estou numa de shippers LoOL
Aqui vai um apanhado do shipper Cameron/Chase (com transcripts para quem estiver interessado), que tem muito menos adeptos do que o House/Cameron mas, em compensação, tem mais cenas 'do bem bom'! LoOL

Os factos da Cameron sobre SEXO [1ªTemporada - Ep: Occam's Razor]:

Cameron: Sex… could kill you. Do you know what the human body goes through when you have sex? Pupils dilate, arteries constrict, core temperature rises, heart races, blood pressure skyrockets [Chase is starting to look uncomfortable], respiration becomes rapid and shallow, the brain fires bursts of electrical impulses from nowhere to nowhere and secretions spit out of every gland [Chase starts to look for an escape route], and the muscles tense and spasm like you’re lifting three times your body weight. It’s violent, it’s ugly, and it’s messy, and if God hadn’t made it unbelievably fun… the human race would have died out eons ago. [small pause] Men are lucky they can only have one orgasm. You know that women can have an hour-long orgasm? [Chase is very wide-eyed; Foreman walks in.] Hey, Foreman. What’s up?

Are you high? [2ªTemporada - Ep: Hunting]

Chase: Glad you changed your mind about that drink.
Cameron: Come on in.
Chase: You should get changed, there's this new place on campus that--- [Cameron pushes him up against the wall and kisses him. Chase looks very confused] Are you high?
Cameron: Uh huh [she strips off Chase's jacket]
Chase: I thought you disposed of the drugs.
Cameron: Not all of it [they start stripping each other]
Chase: Uhh, slow down... your pupils are dilated!
Cameron: Come on Chase, don't turn into a good guy on me now.
[They continue kissing]

It didn't suck [2ªTemporada - Ep: Hunting]

Chase: Ativan will help settle you down [hands her some pills which she takes]
Cameron: Why are you so calm?
Chase: Not coming off meth helps. Last night probably shouldn't happen again
Cameron: Do you think I want it to?
Chase: When two people have had sex, unless it sucks, if they can do it again, they're gonna do it again. And that's when things get complicated. And it didn't suck.

We should have sex! [3ªTemporada - Ep: Insensitive]

Chase: Happy Valentine's Day.
Cameron: A holiday that only applies to people who are already paired up. For everyone else it's Wednesday.
Chase: Wow. Thank you for that dash of cold water.
Cameron: Don't get me wrong. I still think true love's out there it's just very far away. Possibly in another galaxy. We may need to develop faster than light travel before we can make contact. (They walk outside) So I'm thinking we should have sex.
Chase: That makes sense.
Cameron: Despite the wisdom of pop songs. there's no point in putting our lives on hold 'til love comes along. We're both healthy and busy people. We work together so it's convenient.
Chase: Like microwave pizza?
Cameron: And of all the people I work with, you're the one I'm least likely to fall in love with.
Chase: Like... microwave pizza.
Cameron: The point here is to make things simpler, not more complicated. Someday there'll be time to get serious about someone. Meanwhile, we already had sex once and didn't get weird about it. So...
Chase: I get it. I get it. So, what if I'm offended by your judgement.
Then you're not the man I'm looking for. (She walks off, he smiles and follows.)

Did you two shower together? [3ªTemporada - Ep: Halfwit]

House: Where you going?
Chase: [caught, sheepishly turns around] Bathroom. It can wait.
[House enters, while Chase goes to sit down next to Cameron.]
Foreman: There is no case, House. Even if dystonia was some big medical mystery, it's not this time.
House: You're not intrigued as to how a perfectly healthy ten-year-old boy, with no prior musical training, gets into an accident on his way to school...
[Using his cane, he yanks away the bagged breakfast, just before Chase can get his hands on it.]
House: ...and suddenly starts playing piano?
Chase: Do we have to start a twenty-five-year-old case before breakfast?
[House looks at Cameron and Chase.]
House: You two shower together?
Chase: [simultaneously] [busted, yet denying it] No.
Cameron: [simultaneously] [acting disgusted] No.
[to Foreman] Double negative. It's a yes.

House's bed? xP [3ªTemporada - Ep: Halfwit]

CHASE: I'm going home.
CAMERON: [standing up] No, you're not.
CHASE: He could show up any minute.
CAMERON: [victoriously displaying the key] Not with a savant to obsess about.
CAMERON: I'll take in here. Bedroom's down the hall.
CHASE: You've been here?
CAMERON: [uhhh] Where else would the bedroom be?
CHASE: [as he passes by her] Come with?
CAMERON: [amused] You're scared of him catching us breaking into his home, but you're not scared of him catching us doing it in his bed?
[making his way to his boss' bedroom] If I'm gonna get fired anyway.

Ep. 16 Top Secret [3ªTemporada]

Enquanto o paciente dorme...

CAMERON:  You know what we could do... [Gestures towards an empty room with a bed in it.]
CHASE: Here?
CAMERON: Why not? We're surrounded by empty rooms with beds in them.
CHASE: Yea and video cameras too.
CAMERON: So we turn them off.
CHASE: Yeah that's all I need is House or Foreman walking in on us.
CAMERON: We have the keys.
CHASE: [Thinks about it.] No, what if he wakes up?
CAMERON: Alright. [Puts her feet on the desk and leans back in the chair.] Suit yourself. [Looks at the screens, Chase looks contemplative.]
[Cut to Chase and Cameron coming through the door to the empty room kissing and taking each other clothes off, they stop as they get in front of the video camera. Chase looks at the camera and then walks out of view, presumably to lock the door. Cameron takes off her shirt and covers the camera with it.]
FOREMAN: I don't. Where were you two when the guy woke up?
CHASE: Uhhh... we just... stepped out for a second.
FOREMAN: To do what?
CHASE: To... get a coffee. We'd been up most of the night.
CAMERON: He's just pushing to make sure we get the complete history, obviously we're missing something or we'd have the answer. [Foreman looks suspiciously at Cameron.]
FOREMAN: You didn't have any coffee when you came back.
CAMERON: All right already, we confess. You caught us, we snuck into one of the sleep lab rooms to have sex, we shouldn't have done it while we were supposed to be working and we're sorry, now can we move on? [Chase looks shocked, Foreman starts laughing.]
FOREMAN: House would do Wilson before you'd do Chase.
CAMERON: No you would do House AND Wilson before I do Chase. Now can we get back to work?
CHASE: [Defensive] She did me once!
FOREMAN: She was stoned! [Continues laughing.]

[Chase stares at Cameron.]
CAMERON: What did you want me to tell him? The truth?
CHASE: No. You didn't have to be so convincing.
CAMERON: [Smiles.] Don't worry. I'll make it up to you.
CHASE: This is getting out of control.
CAMERON: Don't pout.
CHASE: Our patient woke up with an infection while we were getting our rocks off.
CAMERON: [Leans in closer to Chase.] Do you want to stop?
CHASE: No. But I don't want to get caught either.
CAMERON: You think I do?
CHASE: You certainly didn't go out of your way to keep the volume down while we were in the sleep lab.
CAMERON: [Smiles.] I couldn't help that... Why would I want to get caught?
CHASE: Maybe you want to give House a reason to be jealous?
CAMERON: I'm over House. All this is, is uncomplicated sex, don't try to make it more than that.
CHASE: We're not doing it at work anymore.
CAMERON: Fine. Want to go grab some lunch?
[Cameron and Chase walk in.]
HOUSE: Where have you two been?
CAMERON: Lunch. Why, what happened?
[Cameron and Chase kissing and undressing each other in some closet, House opens the door, turns the light on and walks in.]

HOUSE: Sorry, looking for an extra large trash can. [Dumps the files and paper in the bin and walks out shutting the door behind him.]
CHASE: Since when does he clean anything up?


A PARTIR DAQUI: SPOILERS!! Quem não quer saber nada do que vai acontecer entre o Chase e a Cameron (ainda que sejam pedaços apenas dos episodios) é melhor saltar esta parte!

Cameron & Chase getting problems
Depois de descobrir o caso, o House conta à Cuddy para os lixar e ainda goza com a Cameron xD

3ªTemporada: Ep.18 Airborn

Ai malucos...

3ªTemporada: Ep.19 Act your age


Bem a estória destes dois fica assim praticamente contada. Pessoalmente, acho que ele fazem um casalinho fofusco! LoOL Mas é dado adquirido que a Cameron gosta mesmo é do House, apesar de eu achar que ela não tem estaleca pa ficar com ele...

Já agora, qual o vosso shipper preferido [caso alguem não saiba, um 'shipper' é o casal que se 'defende']????

A) House/Cameron
B) Cameron/Chase
C) House/Cuddy
D) House/Wilson

Claro que há mais possibilidades, mas não vale a pena, uma vez que nunca houve nada na trama que indicasse outros shippers.

COmeNteM =)  LINK-ME =D (e avisem, que eu faço o mesmo!)

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8 comentários:
De Donna McGonagall a 26 de Abril de 2007 às 01:59
Já passei por aqui. Muito giro o teu blog. E também já lá estás adicionada. Fico à espera da aliança. Bjos.

De Phil a 26 de Abril de 2007 às 16:22
É como diz o povo..."é nem um prato partia...e afinal..."

De Phil a 26 de Abril de 2007 às 17:07
AH....e depois, ainda há um puto que tem o privilégio de apalgar o grandioso rabito da Cameron (que ângulo de câmara...de melhor)...enfim...há gajos com sorte...mesmo q tenham...10 anos de idade ou lá o que era...

De Dra Cuddy a 27 de Abril de 2007 às 17:09
yah... e depois inda bateu no Chase quando o viu a tocar na Cameron... o miudito estava mesmo apaixonado... começam cedo =) LoL xD

De Tiago Cu@n a 26 de Abril de 2007 às 22:00
olaaaaaaa mais uma x keru te felicitar pelo teu grande trabalho ganda trbalhao que te deu para fazeres isto XD so tu ganda maluca
EPa o meu shipper preferido nao ta aqui o que é tiago/cameron lol mas pronto sem contar com esse gosto do house/cameron acho que isto nunca vai acontecer mas gostava de os ver juntos.
Bjokas ** continua a postar :P

De Sara a 27 de Abril de 2007 às 19:08
O meu shipper favorito é House/Cameron.. LOOL ms tbm acho k perdia a piada s realment acontecesse alguma coisa.. é + giro vê-los a picarem-se LOOL as dicas do House sao sempre as maiores! mas acho k ele tá com alguns ciumes do k viu no armario da clinica LOOL

Chase/Cameron tbm n tao mal.. mas ela parece uma doida.. ker do bem bom em todo o lado e a toda a hora LOOL

N gosto mt d House/Cuddy.. n sei pk.. LOOL ms adoro as dicas sobre o tamanho do rabo dela! mata td

Silvia.. Silvia.. LOOL.. House/Wilson?? COMO ASSIM?? LOOOL xD este n m parece.. definitivament.. LOOL seria 1 desilusao xD

Este post ta 5 estrelas, esmeraste-t hein.. LOOL vamos esperar + episódios d House pa ver como s irão desenrolar as coisas

*** House 4ever! =)

De housecameron a 6 de Maio de 2007 às 22:52
eu sou defenitivamente a favor de house/camero sempre fui desde o 1 episodio, ainda nem se via nada entre eles, acho que e empatia e é giro pq eles pica se mto e a cameron ta mto mudada,para in esta mto parecida com o house jan e mesma menina inocente

De camera a 14 de Maio de 2008 às 01:23
ai ai as aventuras do dr house e os pobres coitados, verdadeiros mártires, que tudo têm que aguentar.

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